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Welcome to Inspirada located in Henderson, NV at the base of Sloan Canyon. Started in 2007, there are more than 2000 residents with over 8,500 homes.

As the name suggests, Inspirada was designed with the intent to inspire its residents to grow, thrive and explore. Inspirada knows that the key to happy residents is a community that not has amenities, but amenities that blend into the natural surrounding and naturally conserve our precious resources. 

There are 4 parks inside of Inspirada the list of amenities includes, 3 heated pools, 3 heated lap pools, 2 splash ads, 4 volleyball courts, 6 basket ball courts, 5 tennis courts, 2 dog parks, 1 bocce ball court, skate park, bbq and picnic area as well as miles of paved trails and community lifestyle programs. 

As mentioned above there are numerous amenities offered by Inspirada, but the real beauty lies in the natural Sloan Canyon Preserve that is easily accessed from this community. Sloan canyon is well known for its plethora of petroglyphs and has is known as the Sisten Chapel of Native American rock art. 

There are well over 300 rock art walls with 1,700 images carved. Residents have the pleasure of hiking through history and exploring what use to be a very active Native American community. 

Inspirada is divided into 7 different villages, but with the exception of very little walls. Inspired is meant to be an inclusive, not exclusive community. The walking paths that intertwine in the community all give easy access to parks, coffee shops and specialty shops in the commercial areas. 

With each different village, come a slight different fell and ambiance. There are numerous variation in floorpans and styles to fit everyone budget and taste. 

Come explore the exceptional community of Inspirada today!

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